Pereg Food and Spices

If you enjoy cooking and food preparation as much as my hubby does you are always on the hunt for new products to make every meal special.  Pereg has great gourmet food options that are non-GMO, vegan, gluten free, kosher and made with real and whole grain ingredients right here in the USA.  Options include bread crumbs, spices, herbs, flour, sweeteners, grains, rice, quinoa and more.  You will have some real bold and traditional flavors on hand for whatever is on your menu.

Here are a few that we are loving in my house:

Zahtar Mixed Spices:  This is a great Middle Eastern spice perfect for eggs, salads, marinades, veggies, soups and even hummus.  It contains oregano, parsley, sesame seeds, chickpeas, coriander and olive oil.  The spice also has health benefits for your skin, immune system, circulation and more.

Ground Cinnamon:  excellent quality cinnamon that I now have on hand just in time for all my fall and holiday baking needs.

Two Color Sesame Seeds:  these are perfect for sushi, eggs, avocado toast, breads and more.  I opened this baby up this weekend and started my culinary creations.  Also good to have on hand and the quality is great.

Challah Flour:  ok…this is an AMAZING product.  It already includes the yeast so you just need water to make two loaves of bread.  It is pre-sifted as well so very little work here.  They are ready in about 3 hours and it is KOSHER/VEGAN/NON-GMO.  You will be ready for all of your holiday needs.

Each product is better than the next and they all cost around $7.  Check them out!