Perfect Bake

If you are like me, you probably want to try and keep up with annoying facebook posts that boast dinners made by 4pm, desserts baked from scratch and kids in bed by 7.  And this is just a normal Tuesday.  I feel like I rush and sometimes my measurements are off and things do not come out as they should.  Enter my new buddy, the Perfect Bake and I am good to go!  I am literally now baking by weight; no annoying measuring cups to clean!  I downloaded the app super easily and you can then choose from a library of recipes. Next I placed the bowl on the virtual scale and it actually told me when to stop pouring ingredients.  The kids thought it was awesome.  I am loving the fact that I can tell this thing how many cookies I want to make or even what size pan of brownies I want to end up with and magically I am on my way!  What a dream come true to this busy mom!  Here are some more awesome things the Perfect Bake does: it will tell you what to make with the ingredients in your house!  (This will be a challenge as I haven’t food shopped in two weeks LOL).  Need gluten-free or vegan? No worries they have your recipes covered.  Need to customize your recipe? You totally can.  Please go buy this; you will love it as much as I do:

Oh and it has timers for mixing, baking and cooling – no worries you will have a perfectly baked item each and every time!

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