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Performance Bikes makes a nice classic bike, shipped right to your front door. What’s nice about this bike is that it’s pretty straightforward. If you have a decent idea on how to put together a bike it comes mostly assembled and gets together pretty quickly. It took me about an hour of work to put together but I know bikes pretty well.

That said, I like that it’s actually pretty straight forward. It has a classic and timeless look to it so really works for any situation. To me, it’s the kind of bike you can buy for a kid if you don’t know what they’re into and want them a bike to get around town with. You’re not going to buy them a 10 speed unless they like racing, not will you get them handlebars with fluffy things on the ends.

This is an all around, do the job type of bicycle. It’s also a great price point in that it’s not a throw away bicycle, but certainly won’t break the bank.

They’ve also been around for 30 years so know their bicycles. I actually checked out their Facebook videos as their guide to pedals help. Assembling bike peddles are one of those jobs that look simple but can actually make you regret a few things in your life and can cause great pain and a feeling of despair.

Their video certainly help ease the burden.

How to Install Bike Pedals

Installing new pedals is not difficult but it's easy to make a mistake. Our quick how-to will show you the right way to do it.

Posted by Performance Bicycle on Monday, January 26, 2015

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