The Great Thanksgiving Escape by Mark Fearing

Just in time for “to grandmother’s house we go” is the hilarious and super cute The Great Thanksgiving Escape from author Mark Fearing.  As a child we all feared the level of boredom a family holiday would hit; sitting on a plastic couch cover and listening to aunts and uncles that seemed so old.  Gavin and his cousin Rhonda decide to make a break for it at grandma’s and make a break for the swing set in the backyard.  There are of course funny obstacles that everyone can relate to; my kids and I were laughing at every page.  The determined pair makes it through winter coats, dogs dressed in sweaters, drooling babies and the funniest: the hall of smooching aunts!  It was like taking a trip down memory lane and my kids could relate to each page.  In fact I think they were conspiring and planning for their own “escape” in a few week’s time.  The book is a perfect start to the holiday season and great for kids ages 5-9.  The pictures are bright and realistic and my daughter said she felt like she was a part of the story joining the cousins on their adventure.  Please pick up The Great Thanksgiving Escape at your favorite bookstore or by visiting amazon: thanksgiving escape

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