Pet House – Extra Help for your Pet House

Who has a pet at home that they truly love but can’t stand the smell of them?!  Especially after a rainy day; that smell stays on your couches, pillows and fabrics!

We would like to show you some cool products we’ve been checking out from PET HOUSE.  These products truly neutralize pet odor using super safe ingredients like 100% natural soy wax.  They offer candles, room sprays and even car air fresheners so that no matter where you are no one will even guess you have a furry friend living with you.  I have been loving two of their candles (I have citrus and fresh cut roses) but they offer so many great fragrances.  I literally feel like I’m in an orange grove or that someone bought me a fresh bouquet of flowers the minute I even open the jar.  What you get is non toxic fragrance without any dyes, parabens, pthalates, formaldehyde and other icky ingredients some candles have.  Each candle is about $22 making it such a great gift idea for anyone on your shopping list!  If you are looking for a great room spray these are such awesome quality!  They cost about $10 and come in several fragrance options.  I have Fresh Citrus which is a great mix of orange, lemon and vanilla sugar.  It is concentrated so all you need is a few sprays to freshen any room.  This is perfect for when you have guests over and have a few moments to clean up a bit.  For your car they offer awesome scents in their Car Air Fresheners and they don’t cost you an arm and leg (about $3 for one, $10 for a 4 pack).  They will last for weeks and are completely non-toxic and allergen free.

Such a cool company!  Check them out!