Hipster Dad Gift Boxes at Small Packages

Are you a hipster? Are you in love with a hipster? Do you know a dad who loves getting specialty items and products that we don’t find in the average store?


Well, two points go to the woman who thought of the company name, “Small Packages


These gift boxes are a compilation of items you don’t generally find in your average gift box.


Does your man need biltong? Or maybe a soy candle from California? Or even a super high-end salted pistachios chocolate? Maybe hipster dad needs an excellent cedar soap dish or cool socks that help mental health? Or maybe he need some women owned coffee.


If you have a man, who has basically gotten all of the traditional presents over the years, here is an option that is far from traditional.


What you see in this photo is all the contents of the Small Box but of course it all scales up from a $35 box to $100 box.


They have other boxes besides Father’s Day so if you’re reading this now but thinking that your hipster man might need a box for another holiday, fear not, they have you covered. So here’s your chance to make hipster dad happy on Father’s Day and visit small packages.