Pete and Pedro – Shark Tank to Men’s Grooming

Pete and Pedro was originally seen on Shark Tank Season 7, Episode 29. How is that for specific?  Aaron, the founder, has actually been on Shark Tank twice.

So what do they make?

Kit’s for men to help your man look better than he should!

Well, that’s my assessment of it, at least.

Aaron started originally on YouTube, and took his knowledge of marketing, and matched up with stylist Stephen Posta. Now they have one-stop shopping for men’s grooming.

What you see in the photo is their:

Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer (New)

Paddle Detangle Hair Brush

Acne & Blackhead Remover Skin Tool Set

8-Piece Manicure Set

Desperado – Rum & Tobacco Body Wash

Why did I choose those products? Just to give you an overview of that concept of everything.

They have colognes, shampoos, soaps, groomers and well, really anything to make your man up. But with free shipping over $60, I highly recommend them as you can really make a nice gift box like I did above.

They come shipped pretty nicely together and I just put it out there for the cute photo.

But if you have a young man in your life who is really just figuring out the basics of self care, this might be a good gift for them.

Check them out at: Pete and Pedro