Pop Tarts releases Day of the Dead version

Pop tarts has released a new variety of pop tarts for Dia De Muertos or Day of the Dead. Specially flavored with frosted chocolate and churro I think I want to see more and more specialty flavored pop tarts in the future!

Day of the Dead Pop Tarts

In addition if you see in the photo, these even have specialty themed designs right on the Pop Tart.

To really upped the ante, they are also donating to certain Latin X charities.

Overall, this is seriously brilliant. It gives adults another reason to buy Pop Tarts so that we can now claim it’s to celebrate Day of the dead when it’s really just because I need an excuse to buy pop tart for myself.

But can you imagine if they do these for more holidays? I’m used to pulling my hair out trying to make a special breakfast. Well now I could just basically throw these in the toaster and give the kids the thrill of feeling special immediately.

Personally, I’m voting for a new pop tart for basically every season. I miss eating Pop Tarts in my youth and if you can give me a Pop Tart to make tax day or Election Day feel better I’m even happier!