Petsies and Budsies Make Memories and Great Gifts

Finding gifts that will last more than a season for kids and family members can sometimes be hard.  For gifts that are more than just something to open, that become cherished keepsakes, check out Budsies and Petsies.

For the pet lovers in your circle, Petsies is a chance to have a pillow or stuffed animal of your favorite pet.  You may have seen them featured on SharkTank, and for good reason!  They custom make pillows or stuffed animals of all sorts of pets: cats, dogs, rats, birds, you name it!  Each Petsies plush is custom made to match your pet based on pictures you submit.  They are handcrafted and use airbrushing and custom details to match your furry partner.  This is a great idea for families where a beloved pet passed away, or for kids whose allergies might keep them from having the real thing!  The Petsies pillows have your pet’s picture printed on both sides and are custom designed in different shapes to match the contours of your pet’s picture.  The Petsies website,, also has options for custom pet accessories to complete your Petsies plush look. Petsies offers a 100% Quality Guarantee, so you can purchase with confidence.

Budsies is a great idea for kids, parents, grandparents, and even relatives far away!  Budises boasts “Making a Huggable World” by bringing drawings to life as Budsies stuffed animals, custom commissions, or Selfies plush dolls.  It is super easy to order, just upload the drawing or selfie and order your own custom made plush doll.  This is perfect to surprise you kids with a doll from their own imagination and picture hanging on the fridge.  For the illustrators and artists in your life, this is a fun way to bring their creativity to the real world.  And for those you know who love taking selfies, this is a fun gift to surprise and tease them about their selfie habits!  Selfies can also be a thoughtful gift for those who have jobs in the military or as first responders to give their family members some comfort while they are away.  I wish I had had one when my husband was deployed!  Check out the different options to suit your gift giving list on their website,


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