How Forceflex Shades Are Making My Commute Better!

I honestly drive to and from work at the complete WRONG times.  I leave super early when the sun is coming up and head home as the sun is going down.  Actually, LOL that sounds a little depressing but its not so bad.  But the ride is blinding I will say that.  And I am sorry…but the visors really do not work at all.  The sun is powerful and strong in all it’s glory so I am always on the hunt for new pair of sunglasses to help me out!

I should also mention that I constantly break/scratch or stretch out my sunglasses.  I am just not super easy on them.  I try to be; but then they get thrown in my tote and that my friends is that.  Glass case much….not this busy parent!  If you are like me, check out ForceFlex sunglasses ($29.99 on amazon)!  They are an offshoot of a military eye wear company and the focus is comfort, durability, strength and lens quality.  The glasses carry 100% UVA AND UVB protection and adjust perfectly to any size head.  I literally (accidentally) bent them in half in my bag yesterday and they are still in perfect condition.  They are also incredibly comfortable.  Usually glasses leave marks around my nose but not one pinch.  Sometimes the arms get loose and then they start slipping down my nose but NOT THESE!  How is that even possible?!?

Think when playing sports, at the beach, hiking, driving and just everything we do all day because Forceflex shades will be the best purchase you ever made!  With a price tag of just under $30.00 they could also be your “go to” gift this holiday season!  Go grab a pair for you and everyone on your list with just two clicks on Amazon.  Flex!  Comfort!  Durable!


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