Pillow Slides

Forget about crocks, I found a pair of slippers way more comfortable! Pillow Slides!

These feel so soft, you forget you are wearing anything at all. They are advertised as “walking on clouds”, but I really do agree with this statement. Made from anti-slip EVA compression material, these give you great support and a little bounce, which helps to take the shock off your joints with every step.

As a very pregnant lady, I can say these really do help to take a load off. I like that they are antislip, reducing my risk of falling, I wear them in any weather condition without concern.

And as they are made from EVA, they are completely waterproof and easy to maintain (you can even put them in the washing machine!). They come in a four different colors: blue, pink, black and latte.

The material therapeutically compresses with every step to take the shock off your joints, relieving foot, ankle, knee, hip and back pain.

If you are looking for an extremely versatile and comfortable pair of slippers, Pillow Slides are what you need.