The Escape Game New York City

The Escape Game New York City has some brilliant games and provides a family bonding activity. There’s only so much Times Square I can handle! There are so many escape rooms that I felt we needed a different angle for this story. In this case, this had to be one of the most intricate games ever seen as it doesn/t move in a linear fashion. Not only were the staff amicable, but the entire setup just felt extremely clean and safe.


We experienced the Playground, a 60-minute game that will remind you of your childhood. The experience contains an old-fashioned classroom and playground equipment. The Playground is an excellent game for kids since it is colorful and cheerful-minded. One of my previous concerns with escape rooms was that they usually fell into a category of horror and fright or were not necessarily even put together well. This was not a simple escape and done so well; you knew you were playing safely and securely with your family.


I have to say, I never thought of it before, but an escape room is also an extremely great way of teaching your family to work together. Maybe it was forcing your family to work together, but at least you had everybody involved. Yes, in the case of the Playground here at the Escape Game New York City, the activity was for all ages. Some of them might’ve just been to have the younger ones carry this object to that area. But if you think about it, if you’re trying to get everybody to get along, being locked in a room and forcing everybody to work together collaboratively is an ideal experience for family bonding and a wonderful experience to teach everybody problem-solving skills together.