Plant Gift Ideas Besides a Typical Bouquet

Sometimes you want to order something a bit different than just the usual flowers.  Here’s a few planting and plant ideas for ordering something beyond the usual plants and bouquets.

Face Plant

For a new office, who would to combine a planter plus a place to put their glasses. This is perfect for a new job as honestly where are you going to put your glasses. Just pick a plant that goes along with that look of it being real hair to add to the theme.


You can order it directly  from amazon, it’s a cute, eco friendly way to grow plants right in your window. The wood is high end and it has everything you need right in the container.  While you might think it’s just a regular seed pod, I love the fact that this wood is high end so will look elegant on any desk.



Maybe you don’t want a plant for your desk. Maybe you’re looking for a present for outside? Honestly people at times get sick and tired of simply the usual flowers and get well cards. Here’s a gift that will keep on giving. You can order an entire tree that comes in the mail! Figs can come every year and they will always think of you every time they eat a lovely fig.