Top Vegan Snacks for 2020

Being a vegan has gotten quite a bit easier over the years with various vegan snacks on the market. We searched the world for some great vegan options and came up with a few different varieties to try for vegan snacks.

If you’re starting a life as a vegan, these might be a few good options for vegan snacks.


This is probably one of the best jerky’s I’ve had in a while. They taste like “real jerky” but made entirely of mushrooms. I love that they are bite-size and have the texture of real jerky. They are so similar in texture to meat that it would be hard to tell the difference.








Bare Snacks
You can’t get more vegan than this with dried fruit as the only ingredient. There is nothing else to mess around with and nothing to get you in trouble. These are baked and not fried, crunchy, and delicious.










I love nuts as a vegan snack because they are rich in protein. ProNutz comes with no shells, which is fantastic because I don’t like to work for my food, especially a quick snack. The seasonings are quite original like Smoked Gouda and Habanero.








Siete Foods
Siete makes a line of Mexican products, including sauces and chips that are vegan and include nutrient-dense ingredients like flaxseed and chia. There are four types of hot sauce from tradotional to habanero. These sauces have a complex flavor and are not all about the heat. Their tortilla chips come in a variety of flavors and are grain-free. These chips pack a punch!








Que Pasa Tortilla Chips

I love it when you can pronounce all the ingredients, and I sure could. They only have four parts, and they are clean and simple. They are all-natural, and they even explain how they make the chips, the traditional way. These chips taste like the bowl of chips you get at your local authentic Mexican restaurant. They also include a touch of lime, which made me very happy!








I love these little packages for a quick and simple vegan meal. They are complete protein mixes as well as a nice superfood mix. It’s also easy and convenient, so you can simply pour one in a glass of water and get a quick boost of protein when you need it.










Cacao Tea Co.

Do you like hot chocolate? Do you like tea? This is the happiness of both worlds in one little teabag. I happen to be a tea fan, so this is quite a nice treat! It’s simple ingredients, clean and healthy.








Chum Bites

Who doesn’t like fruit roll ups and fruit leather ? This is little bites of fruit and without anything fake. It’s all natural and basically clean. So if your kids like fruit roll ups or the such here’s a cleaner version.






OmNom Chocolate

Super duper choco…. I can’t even say the name. It’s long and it’s filled with all the good stuff. Can I tell you what I loved the most? Free Shipping!  I mean you can get high end chocolate, with free shipping! What’s the catch?  There is no catch! It’s reasonably priced and darn high end so well worth it.