Playtex Clean Comfort – Review

We girls need comfortable menstrual products, but often the softest on your body are also those with the heaviest eco-footprint. But no longer! Now we have Clean Comfort!


Launched by Playtex, Clean Comfort is an eco-friendlier choice without sacrificing comfort and performance. This is the only tampon that features a plastic tip with an eco-friendly cardboard plunger. The plastic tip assures insertion comfort, while the cardboard applicator eliminates a ton of plastic from our oceans. The tampon itself is made from 100% organic cotton and is free from chlorine, fragrances, and dyes.

When filled with fluid, these tampons unfold 360º around, which makes them very well suited for a heavier flow as they hold onto liquid like a pro.

Not only is the product itself better for our Mother Earth, but by buying Playtex products, you are also helping a good cause! Playtex Clean Comfort has joined forces with the Women’s Earth Alliance (WEA), a global nonprofit organization equipping women leaders with the skills and tools they need to protect our environment and strengthen communities from the inside out. Playtex will be donating $300k over 2 years to support WEA’s grassroots initiatives and sustainability solutions.

Personal Experience

Now, on a personal note: I really enjoy using these tampons! The tampons glide easily and do not have any sharp edges like some other brands have.  The 360° protection really works, I did not have any leakage at all! And I love the little ribbed grip on the applicator, making insertion a lot easier. They are comfortable and I feel good using a product that has a lighter eco-footprint on nature than my regular brand.


Playtex Clean Comfort is available nationwide in all major grocery, drugstore, and general merchandise retail stores. Online you can buy Playtex Clean Comfort from Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Walgreens at the price of  $7.47 for a pack of 28.

I highly recommend Playtex Clean Comfort! And at only $0.27 per tampon, you cannot go wrong trying them out!