Pope Francis A Photographic Portrait of the People’s Pope

In September 2015, Pope Francis, completed his historic visit to the U.S. He proved to truly be the ‘People’s Pope.’ He addressed Washington, the U.N. in New York and attended the World Meeting of Families of Philadelphia, however he was most in his element when he was among the people.

In his book Pope Francis: A Photographic Portrait of the People’s Pope, Father Michael Collins takes us through the journey of the first ever Jesuit Pope and first Pope from the Americas. From Jorge Bergoglio’s childhood to becoming Pope and then following his life through a church calendar year we are given insight into who this leader of the Catholic Church is and how he thoughtfully and passionately leads its followers. He has taken on the role with great faith, devotion, and commitment to his previous life of simplicity. Pope Francis practices what he preaches and reaches out directly to those most in need which makes him relatable and accessible to the people.

The photographs included are exclusive from Vatican photography studio Fotografia Felici taken by Rodolfo Felici. They range from formal masses and events to wonderful candid shots of Pope Francis with the people.

If you were among the many who enjoyed the pope’s visit whether in person or through the vast media coverage, you will enjoy getting a closer glimpse at the pope in this beautiful book.

With the holidays coming up, it makes a nice gift for the faithful in your life. All proceeds go to the Office of Papal Charities which cares for the poor of the city of Rome.


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