Portland Pet Food

I read somewhere that a day or so ago was National Dog Day – what better way to honor and treat the favorite canine in your life but with a new and exciting pet food company.  We have been giving our favorite pooch Homestyle Dog Meals like Beef N’ Rice, Pork N’ Potato, Turkey & Yams, Chicken & Yams and Salmon N’ Rice from Portland Pet Food this week.  These are fully cooked and ready to serve/eat.  They come in these really convenient BPA free pouches.  They are great for traveling, camping, the boat and of course at home!  You can easily heat the pouch up right in the microwave!

They also have these amazing dog biscuits.  I can’t believe this is possible but they are Grain and Gluten-Free Dog Biscuits in flavors like GF Bacon, GF Pumpkin and really good smelling GF Gingerbread (LOL).  They are twice baked and super light and crunchy.  They only contain the good stuff like barley, flour, eggs and peanut butter and then of course bacon, pumpkin and beef broth.  How are these even for dogs???

I feel like most of the time we have no idea what is even in our dog’s food.  This line is all natural and human grade.  All incredients are USDA certified meats, fresh veggies and whole grains.  No additives or preservatives at all here!  Our pooch is a picky eater and is loving the products.  They are also great for hiding medications and canines with teeth issues.  One more thing – they have a two year shelf life which is amazing!  Please consider trying them out; 5% of their net profits go to local non-profit animal shelters.