PowerGear2 Tools by Fiskars

PowerGear2_Lopper_1.75_inchWe all know Fiskars for those orange handled super duper scissors and now Fiskars has developed PowerGear2 outdoor and gardening tools with those same famous orange handles.  PowerGear2 Tools include Performance Series Hedge Shears, Pruner and Lopper.  The Lopper will cut tree and shrub branches up to 1 3/4 ” thick and comes in 18″, 25″ and 32″ lengths. The Pruner will cut branches and stems up to 3/4″ thick and the Hedge Shears will trim everything else.  These make a great gift for Dad and just in time for the summer gardening season.  Dads always want newer and better tools.  I found these tools to be very well made and sturdy as well as ergonomically designed and of course very sharp!  The Lopper handled the branches it is designed to cut as well as larger ones.  The PowerGear2 tools come with a lifetime warranty and for an MSRP between $25 and $50 are a great value.

I know you think your man might want to go golfing, but at least if you get him these tools of the trade, he’s more likely to get something done around the house!  He feels like you got him a gift, and you get something done around the house.

I’d highly recommend getting the “Lopper” at the least because he’ll love the feeling of grunting while lopping off rather large branches.





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