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One thing about being pregnant (especially in warmer weather) is the constant feeling of nausea.  I know I suffered from it greatly, and despite the “old wives” tales of that being indicative of the gender my child was to be, I will be honest with you all. I was sick to my stomach for more than half of the nine months with my son and my daughter.  This is so common; occurring in up to 90% of pregnancies. Preggie Pop Drops were and still are the greatest way to combat that morning (or ALL DAY) sickness!
Whether you go with the lollipop or sucking candy drop version, these wonderful candies combine essential oils and all-natural (drug-free) ingredients to immediately soothe and comfort.  I found they were wonderful for lengthy car rides and days spent in the office.  They can even provide you with a quick boost of energy!  Some women find them helpful with dry mouth during labor.  Whatever your reason, you are in wonderful and soothing hands with Preggie Pops & Drops. I can assure you of that!

The drops and pops come in four yummy all-natural flavors: sour lemon (my favorite), sour tangerine, sour raspberry, and green apple.  Also, check out their Queasy Pops & Drops, perfect for your kiddies’ upset tummies. Especially great for car, plane, or boat trips!  Please visit the Three Lollies website for more information and nutritional facts.

Preggie Pop Drops Plus contain added Vitamin B6 for the worst morning sickness your bundle of joy can bring!  New to this line of fabulous products is Preggie Naturals Chews: they come in peppermint, raspberry, ginger, and green apple and will really do the trick!  You can purchase these actual “mommy life savers” at your local maternity or baby store, Walgreens, Target, Amazon, and elsewhere.  Please visit for more information.

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