Rotation180° Travel Away 22L – Backpack

R180_MINDSHIFT_TRAVEL_AWAY_HERO_CHARCOAL_TWILIGHT_BLUE_BELTPACK_DEPLOYED-7V1614_grandeWhen I got my MindShift Rotation 180 backpack delivered, my first thought was “this is smaller than I expected”. Then, when I started to look at it more closely and pack my stuff, I changed my mind and thought “this will carry much more than I expected”.

I first put my MindShift Rotation to the test on a plane trip to for my cousin’s wedding. The MindShift seamed perfect as a carry on. I did not have a problem packing my iPad and MackBook pro. As a professional photographer, I travel with my costly gear all the time even when not travelling for business. Even if the MindShift is not designed as a photo bag, I was able to fit my big DSLR (a Canon 6D with the battery pack) and 3 big “L” series lenses. I also fitted a change of cloth, extra batteries, passport, iPhone, small snack and what not.

What makes the MindShift different is the rotation part of the backpack. The bottom section can be unlocked with only the touch of a finger and rotated to the front to access frequently needed items. As practical as a fanny pack minus the dorky look. The various pockets, compartments and separators make it easy to pack your gear in an orderly matter. The Mindshift Rotation 180 backpack will be the best friend to any hiker, student or commuter who needs to walk with a lot of stuff.



Based in Quebec and photographer for more than 15 years, I specialize in press photography (photojournalism) and corporate and event photography.

A 2006 graduate of the prestigious photojournalism program at Loyalist College in Belleville (Ontario, Canada), I first distinguished myself by being the first runner up student of the Association of Press Photographers of Eastern Canada (Eastern Canadian News photographers Association) for the quality of my portfolio.

Back in Quebec City after an internship at the Ottawa Citizen and the Edmonton Sun, and a contract at the Windsor Star, I quickly developed a large clientele including some of the most prestigious Canadian newspapers.

In 2018, I published two books: The hidden face of photography and En photo et en Affaires

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