PRI Manuka Honey Is A Must During Allergy Season!

Spring is here full throttle and as a result the allergies are coming back into my house.  With the looming pandemic we actually feel guilty about the normal allergy symptoms we have always had.  Since I spend a lot of time hiding my allergies from my office (LOL) I was thrilled to get to try out some amazing Manuka Honey products from PRI this week.  Manuka honey has this great potency and purity which brings great health benefits.  PRI works directly with bee keepers in New Zealand and Australia to bring you nothing but the best quality.  I am LOVING my Manuka Starter Kit ($59) which comes with all the classics in one awesome box.  Manuka Nuggets (these are amazing to suck on actually and get me through the mid-afternoon slump), Manuka Salted Caramels (my husband adores them and really won’t share with me but he says they have great hints of buttery vanilla), Manuka Honey Sticks (these amazing immune boosters work great in my morning tea and actually I just started using them in my oatmeal) along with a great honey lip balm, honey spoon and beeswax candle.

This is genuine quality honey that comes from a flower that is only in season 6 weeks a year!  So you are getting the best, a boost to your immune system and the most delicious sweet goodness on earth all in one!  What could be better!  Check out the website for single items or these great gift boxes for your next occasion.