Essence One For Mental Health Improvement!

While typically the Spring usually brings about the feeling of “cleaning/freshening/bright beginnings” we find ourselves this year still amidst a pandemic that is just not quite over yet.  Essence One, a Minnesota based company is truly amazing with their products that promote all natural remedies to exactly what is ailing your mind, body and soul.  With Mother’s Day coming up I am finding their Mental Health Awareness Gift Pack ($22) a wonderful gift idea.  I have been starting my day for the last week with their Morning Calm Rollerball (the scent is so great and brings positive energy my way).  Their honey mint lip balm is pure soft perfection for the drying skin months we are coming out of.  Grounding hand and body lotion will sooth and replenish your skin and their Energy Mask Spray (yup – I saved the best for last) makes this whole “have to wear a mask at work” thing so much more doable.  The sent is citrusy and perfect to spritz a few times a day so you feel fresh and clean no matter how long you have to wear the darn face covering.  I want to mention that this amazing company supports Bring Change To Mind and their #NoNormal movement to help everyone see that we are all different, there really is no “normal” and to be yourself.

I honestly am so hooked on their great products.  I am now perusing their essential oils and other great body/face/aromatherapy options!  Check them out for a great gift for anyone including upcoming Mother’s Day! Their Beauty Gift Box includes this amazing facial toner that has oils that help manage your response to stress!