Pro Spin Table Tennis Set

OMG we had the best time last night playing table tennis as a family.  Now-a-days we are home so much more and family game night has really come back to light.  Table Tennis is one of those games that are just so hard to have in your house.  I mean who has the space for that gigantic folding table that takes up the entire length of the room.

Pro Spin has these great gift options for the table tennis enthusiast on your holiday list!  “The Portable” All-In-One Table Tennis Set is AMAZING!  You can literally turn any table in your home into a tennis table.  The set comes with an easy to attach retractable net and fits any table up to 2″ thick.  This is one click set up that will not damage or mark up your table at all!  It comes in a perfect carrying case along with a few training balls and two paddles.  All of this for $39.95.  My husband was like a kid in the candy store and was ripping open the box the second I handed it to him.  You could bring this along with you easily to any party!  Also available is “The Essential 4-Player Table Tennis Set ($39.95 for 4 paddles, 4 sponge balls, 4 training balls and a convenient storage case).  If you are ready to take your game to “the next level” check out their Elite Series Carbon Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket ($36.95).  This is an amazing upgraded paddle with enhanced power and spin.  IT comes with a rubber protector to keep your paddle in perfect condition.