Alister For Men

If you are looking for a great men’s product for the upcoming holidays look no further then Alister For Men.  These great products fell into my lap to try out and the hubby has been sampling all week.  We are all super busy and taking care of yourself and showering away the day shouldn’t feel like an obligation.  These are quality ingredients and an amazing aroma! Alister is infused with “Pheroboost” that is a blend of pheromones that combine with your body’s chemistry.  The result is both smelling great and feeling great about yourself!

So many awesome options like cologne, massage oil, body wash, deodorant, cleansers, shave creams, hair products and more!  The scent is just so fresh; the smell is both manly and woodsy in my opinion.  These products are not “over-perfumed” like other brands; that is usually my husbands complaint.  He tested the deodorant and travel sizes of shampoo/conditioner/body wash and he loved each and every one of them.  I am grabbing him the shave products as a holiday gift because I just know how great they will be!  He said they “wake him up” and he is ready for his day (and it doesn’t matter if you are spending more time at home or not; nothing wrong with smelling super awesome even with no plans!)  Consider trying one or all of them; maybe a travel kit (or even a travel size to simply try out) in the hopes of being to vacation in 2021!  Smell great all day, all night and feel great!  Pricing is completely reasonable and these will make a great gift!