Products For You While The Kids Go To School

Who wants to drop the kids off this week (FINALLY) and then do something for yourself?!?  I know I do and I am!! Here are a couple of items I recommend you check out to take care of you!

Patchot Eyebrow Hair Remover – no one wants to go to a salon for a “close to the face” hair zap these days anyhow.  I am now just doing it at home.  This hair remover is super easy to use and is great for your on the go lifestyle.  You can use this for your eyebrows of course; but also your upper lip, ear, nose, chin and peach fuzz.  The cost is $17.99 and even comes with two batteries (you only need one so you have a nice replacement) and also a spare head for the tool.

The Other Straw: This amazing company is doing their part to help reduce the amount of plastic polluting our beaches and environment.  They offer a range of products using bamboo since the plant is actually helping stop global warming with almost no waste!  They have items like drinking straws, toothbrushes, utensils, bowls and more.  I am loving the toothbrush; it will cost you $6, has a detachable head (less waste every 3 months or so) and this is anti-bacterial, BPA free and vegan friendly.

Pure Sol: How about an awesome way to detox your skin/eyes etc. without haveing to worry if the product you are using has harsh additives or ingredients you cannot spell or say.  My eyes are so tired; us moms hardly sleep at all.  I am kind of addicted to their Perk Up Hydrogel Eye Masks.  These are gold piece of heaven I tell you.  They reduce your fine lines and wrinkles and all you need is about 25 minutes.  They are full of nano gold, hyaluronic acid, collagen, grape seed extract, plum seed extract, retinol, oat peptides and more.  You get 12 sets for $22.00.  Also pretty cool their Rose Quartz Heart Gua Sha ($24.00) which is a crystal massage ttol that you rub across the surface of your skin to reduce tension, boost blood circulation and get rid of any puffiness.  This is becoming my new favorite thing to do at night before bed.

Patchology:  I know a few weeks back i featured one of this company’s great items (their Clean AF cleansing wipes) – here are two more that are just awesome!  They feature skincare and energy items to help you navigate through your day.  Their Little Helper Supplement Strips will basically do what your morning coffee may be accomplishing.  This is packed with 25mg of caffeine, 0.5mg of green leaf tea extract and 25mcg of Vitamin D3.  Take one strip orally; flavor is a fruity combo and was pretty yummy.  A six pack will run you about $12.00.  Also pretty special to talk about is kits that provide a nice combo of their items to take with you on the go.  The Getaway Plan Kit ($20) contains a hydrating sheet mask, an illuminating sheet mask, illuminating eye gels and aromatherapy eye gels.  This will help you get over any travel slump that may come your way.  So many great kits and products from the company; we could go on for hours!

Check these great products out!