Products with Palm Oil

All of the products that you see here have palm oil in them.  Palm Done Right is the website to reflect all of these products that use palm oil.

This was all new to me so what did I learn?

Why is this important? It’s 100% organic, deforestation free, and the workers are paid a fair wage.

Is it sustainable? Yes, it’s a sustainable method so you can trust that these companies care about sustainable sourcing.

Since conventional palm oil is the cause of much deforestation, Palm Done Right has committed to growing palm in a way that it sustainable and supports the planet, animals and people.

But what I found interesting is how many different products can have palm oil.  Using palm oil in soaps makes sense, but learning that it is also used in peanut butter, crackers and candles really shows the range of products that use it.

Now all of the companies that are a part of this have the “Palm Done Right” logo on the packaging, so consumers know that these brands have chosen palm oil that is harvested sustainably.

Overall, it’s a great idea and an amazing way that companies are being responsible and taking on deforestation and climate change.