Yoto Player Review – A New Kind of Audiobook player

Yoto PlayerI love new products like this because they really are a stand alone, first of their kind. Most products I see feel to be a variant of a theme. That is, “This is the latest puzzle and here’s a new puzzle”

What makes Yoto Player amazing is that it’s a totally unique idea and is extremely straightforward.

The Yoto Player is an audio book player for your kids. It looks like a nightlight/clock but has cute little animation and will read whatever book your kids put in there.

Put in there? Yep, it’s that simple to operate. There’s a card for each book and the kids pop it in like the old fashion punch card readers. They won’t know that reference. But there’s two buttons. Forward and back, and volume. It’s that straightforward.

In addition, it has an amazing ability to allow for you to record your own audio books. So if Grandma or Grandpa want to read their kids a story, this is perfect. It comes with blank “cards” that you can even decorate and write on. That way, Grandma and Grandpa can even read to the kids from when they’re far away.

There’s also more content on the Yoto app so you can customize the content with the device.  So if you want to download certain books that fit their taste, it’s entirely possible.

I actually also love that it’s a nightlight/clock. I mean it feels so simple, but I actually had to get my kid a nightlight/clock and thought that this animated one looks 100 times better than the stupid clock I already bought them.

What’s cool is this is a really neat looking device that is unbelievably clear and easy to use. Sometimes I’m worried I’m going to review something that will cause my a minor heart attack to figure out. This was up and running with by 4 year old in no time flat.