Props Luggage – Luggage with Legs

props luggage

In the movies, there is a frequent cliché line that goes, “It’s so crazy it just might work.” Props luggage fits that criteria. At the most simple of descriptors, it’s carry-on luggage that turns into a table. The catchphrase is it’s the first luggage with legs.

I don’t want to sound even more cliché, but this is one of the best pieces of luggage that I’ve ever seen. First of all, let’s start with the concept of the legs. I know this is going to sound like a crazy coincidence, but today I spent more than enough time looking for a chair that I could also use as a desk. It’s one of those things that you don’t think about until you’re going through it. Now having used it, it makes perfect sense.

But it’s not simply the legs. Almost everything about it is well-designed. First of all, the legs will hold up to 50 pounds, which is more than twice what you would throw in it for the weekend. The case itself is durable polycarbonate and when you feel it, you can tell it’s quite tough and yet light. The wheels are of that modern design that go basically anywhere without any headaches.

In addition, it has a built-in TSA lock, so it’s also quite useful for the traveler. This allows only TSA-approved people to open the lock without your permission.

Overall, Props has so brilliantly designed this piece of luggage that it truly makes me rethink how I want luggage to be. It also makes me now think of luggage as something that can possibly do more than just carry my clothes. It can actually be a tool to travel with. This has now become the desk as well as something that is quite light and portable.

I know most reviews need to be balanced and here I am raving about luggage, but this Props luggage really does hit all of the marks.

Shockingly this isn’t the only luggage we’ve reviewed this year, we’ve also done the viral sensation of Monos, as well as Delseys.

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