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It’s a true American shopping weekend and I am excited to get you some great ideas to scoop up for the kiddies.  How about these great board games from Ravensburger that my family and I are checking out while decorating the tree.

For the little ones ages 4 and up Five Little Fish is a great option!  This is a game of memory and color matching and my daughter really enjoyed playing this with the 5-year-old next door!  Use your fishing rod to pull up the fish and see the colors; but please don’t get too confident because they change positions.  ($14.00; available at Walmart)

[amazon_link asins=’B07D3GFHDG’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’famadillo-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’b975fe87-efef-11e8-9838-699450f05c4b’]

Perfect for kiddies 8 and up is Ravensburger’s GraviTrax.  If your child is into STEM and building this is by far the game for them.  This game is sort of like marble run.  You completely control the speed and the plan of action using kinetics, gravity and magnets.   I actually loved getting into the game with the kids.  A total holiday shopping must.  ($55)

[amazon_link asins=’B07B7MFVZL’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’famadillo-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’64c8e54e-effa-11e8-aabc-b3d39a73d929′][amazon_link asins=’B07B7MFVZL’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’famadillo-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’64dd57eb-effa-11e8-ae95-6bf240129ac4′]

Finally, we checked out Ravensburger’s Jurassic Park: Danger.  This game is awesome for kids 10 and up.  Oh and basically any Jurassic Park enthusiast (this mom included)!  It is actually the 25th anniversary of the original film so the greatest gift idea for someone who’s big into the series!  One player is the dinosaur while the others (up to four) are the iconic characters.  The goal: to get the park back online and escape falling prey!  We all had to work together (except the dinosaur – we made the hubby be him) and form a strategy!  Perfect for older children, tweens, adults – truly a great game and time was had by all!  ($25)

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