CircuitMess Brings DIY STEM Kits for the Holidays!

image of young girl holding some circuitmess diy stem products

How about a great educational item for someone on your gift list?  Too many toys are coming your way so it is super refreshing to bring about the great DIY STEM kits from CircuitMess, perfect for ages 8 and up. They expertly combine building, coding, imagination, fun, and learning.

Options include:

CircuitPet ($119.99):  Here you are building your own virtual pet.  Build time is about 3 hours and this is suitable for ages 11 and up. You create your pet and then take care of it and play with it.  You have to keep checking in to make sure it has everything it needs to be happy. This is just like that iconic toy we had in the ’90s!

Chatter ($149.99): Here you are building your own walkie talkies. This one was my personal favorite.  Build time is 4 hours; age appropriate for 11 and up. You can have your own private network to send secret code texts – also want to mention that these texts are free! Chat with friends, create avatars, and more!

ByteBoi ($119.99): Here you are building your own game console. I cannot wait for my child to open this on Christmas morning. These are retro games preloaded for your enjoyment.  BUT, you also get to create your own games and animations.

They also offer subscription boxes (robots or STEM) that make the perfect gift!

You must check out CircuitMess DIY STEM kits!  Great educational and exciting gift options here!