Razor ePrime Air – a scooter for moms and dads

Razor ePrime Air

I had an entirely different story written here. It had videos and an unboxing but I threw it all away.

See I hate writing standard stories that everybody is doing. I like a mission.

In this case, why buy the Razor Air? The scooter isn’t cheap and isn’t it just a scooter.

Crazy coincidence, but I’m writing the original story and I have to take a break to run the kids to one of their many events.

I start the car and makes a noise that sounds like a dying chicken!

No worries, Momma can handle it. I’ll drive the car to a mechanic and Uber back. I check Uber and to go the mile will basically cost me a liver.

Then it hits me.

I took the razor, threw it in the trunk and used it as my Uber.

OMG it’s perfect.

Here’s the long short. It’s strong enough and built for adults and has a good 30 minute battery on it.

Is 30 minutes enough? For momma to get home? Yes. If I’m going further than that, then yeah a car makes sense.

Setting it up was really just a few twists of the Allen key and it was more than fine. It charged up quick and had a pretty quick learning curve.

I was worried at first on the control and steering but that was easy. It can function as a scooter and once you’re over a few MPH you can press the gas and fly.

Razor ePrime Air is perfect for errands and dropping off the car

Honestly, I wish the idea of this was more mainstream. Instead of my weekly Uber/Lyft I have to do whenever the Hubbie is using the car this can get me where I want.

It folds up and can fit in a trunk or wherever.

Once you get through the idea that scooters are usually seen on kids, you’ll find it can easily fill that void of quick runs to this place and that. Plus the investment will save you the time and dinero on the ride shares. I highly recommend it.

Check out Razors site for more info.

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