Busy Girl…Busy Beauty!

Literally there is not enough hours in the damn day.  I am constantly working against the clock.  Now that the temperature is rising I feel like we have to revamp ourselves multiple times a day.  Who the heck has time to shower more than once? Not this girl – I am lucky if the kids leave me alone at 6 am for my morning shower in the dark LOL.  I have a product line I am trying out called Busy Beauty and if you are like me always rushing you will probably love it.  You can get ready in 5 minutes (yes…I said 5 minutes) with their “no water needed” products.

For your hair: check out their showerless shampoo and conditioner.  The shampoo is made from rice and oat starches and will give you volume instantly when there is not time for a wash and blow out.  It is taking that pesky oil right out of the top of my hairline (ugh..isn’t that the worst).  The conditioner is made with only natural oils; no greasy looks here!  You get rid of the frizz and the fly away hairs in seconds.  I used this the other day literally sitting in my car in traffic.  It was that easy.

For your body: let’s talk about showerless shave gel.  What an amazing world we live in now.  This gel you just spread onto your legs and shave like you normally would.  Wipe away the excess and get on with your day!  I had no issues and no irritation!  Finally, I decided I will not pack again for a trip to Florida without showerless body wipes.  These are amazing – they are super soft, super thick and you can literally wipe away the sweat and grossness of the day in a few seconds.  This is a theme park wonder!

Each of these items will run you under $12.00 (most cost much less!) Check this cool company out!  Think trip, work tote, gym bag etc!

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