How to clean your sneakers with RE Shoe VN8R

I have this amazing gift idea for the shoe enthusiast in your life.  We spend so much money on our sneakers ( I myself have about 10 pairs – don’t tell the hubby) and since we rush around all day long they take a true beating.  Re Shoe VN8R is this amazing line of cleaning products to keep your expensive sneakers looking brand new every day.  Owner Steve Grear has actually created this amazing community of sneaker lovers that share weekly tutorials on their own YouTube channel.

I am loving their Essential Shoe Kit ($35.00) as a gift for the upcoming holidays.  It truly has everything you could need!  All the shoe cleaning essentials and an amazing variety of quality materials.  The 4 oz. cleaning solution is great for up to 50 uses and really works.  There are three different types of brushes (soft, medium, stiff bristles) so no matter how serious or routine the sneaker cleaning is you will have the brush that you need.  The process couldn’t have been easier; all I did was later the solution and scrub as needed.  Then towel up and let shoes air dry.  I then put them in the mesh laundry bag and into the washing machine they go.  For $50.00 the kit additionally includes shoe trees.  For $100, you add in the cleansing mat, a collapsible bowl, laundry pods, cleaning wipes and extra solution!  This is amazing quality products at every price point!  Also super noteworthy is the fact that all the packaging is 100% recyclable which is so important for our future.