In Kidz With Love Culture Boxes

The holidays are approaching, so a lot of kids will be home a lot more than normal.  This year has been especially stressful with most schools doing work online for the majority of the last two semesters thanks to the pandemic.  Kids could use some fun while learning, and a way to connect with and understand others.  In Kidz with Love Culture Boxes is the perfect opportunity to give the gift this holiday season of expanding a child’s world through touch, play, and learning.  Promoting understanding, empathy, and connection to others who might be different from us is so needed in today’s environment, and In Kidz allows a chance to help the next generation have a world of “Connecting Lives, Building Tribes.”

Each box contains different items and activities related to that month’s country or culture.  What I loved is that each box is put together by another parent from that particular country or culture, ensuring that it is respectful to that country/culture.  The boxes each include a flag, recipe card, sensory toy, activities for the family, and educational materials (anything from a map to flash cards).

We tried the India Bond Box and loved it.  Everything was excellent quality, and the box was well thought out and put together.  The In The Know Postcard of facts, In The Know Flash Cards, and map helped paint a picture of India’s rich culture and traditions.  It was fun for us as adults to also learn some new things, including some new words and their meanings.  The Mandala sand art project was fun because there was not just one, but three, so our daughter, my husband, and I could all make one together.  Our daughter of course loved all the vibrant stickers depicting important cultural and traditional images.  The two squishy earth balls were a hit, and a great sensory toy addition to the box.  I was impressed with a sensory toy being included, as sensory input is key for a child’s development and it was unique from other subscription boxes we tried.

The two Bond Bands were simple but beautiful and a special way to learn about Raksha Bandhan, an annual event to celebrate the bonds between people with a Rakhi (string of thread).  This holiday season, share a bond with a child in your life with a single box, or sign up for a subscription, and give them the gift of embracing diversity with an In Kidz With Love Culture Box.  Check out options and pricing at

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