Reactions to HBOMax’s Launch Today

Today is the launch of HBOMax, which basically means I now have to pay for: DisneyPlus, HBOXMax, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and maybe something else. Am I happy about this? Well it seems now if you like Marvel you have Disney, but if you like DC you have Disney and that this is all supposed to make me happy.   So another bill to pay? I’m not exactly dancing about the situation. That said, lets see what social media reactions are out there.

Below are my favorite ten reactions to the launch. My overall is simple, can we just have TV again?  Or is TV now going to simply evolve into dozens of pieces. Will I forever jump service to service and watch something not of interest because I’ve already exhausted everything to be seen on my Netflix?  Will I instead jump to HBOMax because I’ve exhausted what I have on DisneyPlus? Will this force the channels to now produce even more content in an ever escalating pay-service battle so that each one produces more content than the last one.

Darn it, I’m completely exhausted from this emotionally, let me go surf some memes. Please save me from all of these channels and enjoy the launch of HBOMax.



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