Protecting My Yard With Earthkind

Yup; it is like day 75 here in quarantine land and we are really capitalizing off the use of our back yard.  But with that yard comes the bugs.  And ugh there can be a lot of them this time of year.  Earthkind brings you pest control that is safe and worry free around the kids and pets.  No harmful chemicals at all.

So we have an ant and mosquito problem here that I started dealing with right away.  Their insect repellent is naturally scent free up to 14 hour protection.  I just couldn’t get over how it wasn’t slimy or sticky and neither kid had an issue during my quick application.  Now let’s jump into the Company’s amazing repellents.  These work in the fight against ants, rodents, spiders and moths.  They are so easy to set up.  All you do is take off the outer wrapper and place where you may have seen the rascals.  You simply replace every 30 days (these are totally safe in your cabinet, pantry, kitchen, basement etc).  You can even sign up for a recurring purchase of the repellent so you are always prepared!  The amazing part is once again, no chemicals.  These pouches are packed with plant based oils like lemongrass, peppermint, thyme, almond, sunflower, cedar, orange and rosemary to name a few.  A 4 pack is just around $25.00.  I honestly am thrilled so far with the ant repellent and I am looking forward to a pest free summer!