Recover 180 For The Replenishment Win!

We are FINALLY in Fall Football season for High School Sports where I live and we couldn’t be happier.  These kids really needed to get back out there and get working out and training as scary as this all really is.  My kid is working out for hours each day on and off the field and with that comes all the sweating and dehydration if you aren’t careful.  I was so excited when a few bottles of Recover 180 fell into my lap for him to try out.

This is a great electrolyte beverage packed with all the goodness of essential vitamins and plant-based extracts.  Keep in mind this is not a drink just for athletes; think “recovery” from exhaustion, stress, fatigue, over-celebrating or even travel and jet lag.  In this wonderful bottle is milk thistle, ginseng root, ashwagandha, sodium, magnesium, potassium and Vitamins B and C.  I mean I was super impressed with the list of ingredients and then when we actually tasted it and it was amazing it just got better and better!

Flavors include citrus, acai berry and blood orange (my personal favorite).  I need to order more of this STAT as we are all really liking it.  I have energy I haven’t had in months and my kid is full replenished from his hard workout! Check them out!