Made Good Granola Bars

As scary as this is, most of our kids are headed back to school full time in the next few weeks.  My guys have been home for months doing a hybrid model of some days in and some days home.  This means less lunch packing for sure and my house has turned into a 24 hour diner.  I am working hard to get them back on track and sending them in 5 days a week (fingers crossed) with the healthiest snacks possible.  These yummy granola bars called MadeGood could not have come into my life at a better time!

The best part about these bars is that they are baked in a nut free facility, free of common allergens, are an organic product and actually contain a serving of vegetables.  They take these protocols so seriously which warms my heart during these times of so much uncertainty.  They have great options to choose from like apple cinnamon, chocolate banana, chocolate chip, cookies and creme, mixed berry, strawberry and sweet and salty.  You cannot go wrong.  I have been sampling their new chocolate drizzled bars that are super chewy!  This is dessert that you cannot feel guilty about.  The chocolate drizzle by the way is dairy free (it is like they thought of everything).  The birthday cake bars have these adorable, colorful sprinkles!  Cookie Crumble bars have actually cookie bits mixed into the granola bar.  These were such a treat!  You will not believe they have extracts from spinach, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, beets and mushrooms.  Best part is the kids will never read the fine print so you know they are getting goodness into their bodies with every bite.  Also – if you only want a small bite on the road they offer mini options too!  Don’t worry they still have that full serving of hidden veggies and vitamins and fit perfectly in your tote, lunch bag or even your pocket!

Check them out as you stock your pantry for back to school!