REFOCUS BANDS to Spark Positivity and Inspiration

I know my mind races with hundreds of thoughts everyday.  What I didn’t know was just how many- up to 60,000 in just one day!  What I also didn’t know what that about 80% of our thoughts are negative.  That was a shocker and at first I didn’t think that could possibly be true, so I spent a day trying to keep track of my negative verses positive.  Wow, what a day it was!  La Cle Action Based Apparel and Accessories wants to change just that, and their ReFocus Bands are a great way to be mindful throughout the day.

With their 65 ReFocus Band options, there is one for every occasion.  With the motto “Wear it.  Flip It.  Refocus.” it really did provide a way to “re” everything.  I love that there are different designs and themes including “Remember”, “Reassess”, “Rebound”, “Relentless”, and “Recharge”.  Each band comes with two business sized cards explaining how to use them and with a motivational quote.  I think my current favorite is the “Resilient” Band that says “Whatever it takes” on the underside when flipped.  The Refocus Bands are such a simple idea, but it was incredible how just using them for one day really helped draw my thoughts and attention back to positives.

ReFocus Bands come in two sizes, are stretchy, and are very durable and comfortable.  They also can be customized for special purposes, groups, or messages.  ReFocus Bands are a great gift idea as well as they will help remind the wearer that someone is thinking about them and believing in them.  There is a Break Up Pack of 6 different ReFocus Bands to help support a friend to cope with a breakup which is such a unique gift!

Besides the ReFocus Bands, La Cle also has apparel and accessories to compliment the bands.  My new favorite T-shirt to wear on a rough day?  “High Fives for Good Vibes”.  Kind of hard to be in a bad mood after getting a high five and a smile from a stranger!  So shift your gaze and web browser to check out and #ShareYourFocus at  

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