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Who wants to skip the stuffy spa and spend a girls night for some much needed self-pampering!?  That was a trick question because everyone should be answering yes!  I am gonna tell you guys about a few really great items that I now cannot live without.  These are Meso-Therapy items that work together in your new skin plan and do not break the bank!  You can use the majority of these items either daily or weekly!

First up is Relumins Intense Glow Beauty Care Tool – this amazing “face lift” massager will stimulate your face, neck and arms.  It is made out of aluminum and has this amazing solar panel which makes it work magically without charging.  I’m personally working on my fine lines, wrinkles and crows feet each day.  Use with Relumins great serums!

Next Relumins Glycolic Peeling Gel:  Here is where for just under $30 you can exfoliate and get rid of dead skin cells, prevent breakouts and promote younger looking skin.  This is 100% a must use product and all you have to do is gently massage into your skin for a few minutes a few days a week.  Oh; and it has a nice fruity fragrance.

Relumins LED Light Therapy Tool:  This is a fantastic (my personal favorite item in the line) with 6 LED light functions that make this an actually spa visit in your hands.  This is going to correct spots, enhance collagen, get rid of dark spots and blemishes and brighten/whiten your skin.  The warmth it gives off makes it so soothing an experience no matter what you are using it for!  This is only $50 – this is gift for everyone in your mom group!

Relumins Skin Perfecting Serum – This is botanicals meet lactic acid in the effort to exfoliate and moisturize all while reducing fine lines and wrinkles.  This is so so easy to use as it just gets massaged into your face and neck until absorbed.  I am trying this out both morning and night.  It couldn’t be easier!

Relumins Herbal Under-Eye Serum:  Final item to tell you about today and I think something that has actually changed my life.  I have such bad dark circles its borderline embarrassing.  All I am doing is rubbing in one drop under each eye daily.  This is a blend of Brazilian herbs, aloe vera and algae extract.  You simply cannot do better and I am already seeing a difference even more the 28 days they suggest you need to apply before seeing results.  Only $14.00 for the bottle!

Please check these all out!  I am not kidding you will turn your home into a swanky spa and not even have to spend that much!


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