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We might be on lockdown and there might be a toilet paper shortage but we don’t have to suffer. One of the easiest and best solutions to the toilet paper crisis is a bidet. Basically you squirt your bum with water and hooray the world is a better place.  The biggest advantage is actually you don’t have to run to the store to buy half as much toilet paper as you once did.  Honestly it’s cheap and easy and I can’t figure out why we as Americans think it’s so weird. Isn’t it more environmental to save the earth and not waste toilet paper. Plus, I love saving a buck or two.


In no particular order…


The Toto is a stand alone seat so it replaces your current seat. It’s a great idea if you want to have all of the features built in and you don’t want to risk the kids screwing up the pieces.  Plus it has a few different directions on the control panel there so your husband will have fun.







The Astor is an attachment that goes under your seat and has an adjustable nozzle. It seems easy to install but I’m worried the kids will play with that dial a bit too much. This might go in the parent’s bedroom.







A Diaper Spayer is an attachment used for shooting baby’s bum. That said, it’s probably a very bad idea for the kid’s bathroom because it will lead to quite a few water fights.







Everybody’s heard of Tushy. It’s a brand name and one of those under seat brands. This is a  reliable model that you can’t go wrong with.






Zen Bidet is supposed to help you relax as water comes flying at your butt.  This is what you get to impress your neighbors who shouldn’t be coming over anyway as it’s a quarantine.  Plus you know it’s zen because of the pretty imagery.



Overall, whichever you choose, choose one and help get your bum clean without wasting toilet paper.



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