Renu 28

We can all for sure use a product that promises to restore, renew and regenerate your skin cells.  Renu 28’s Skin Revitalizing Gel is actually combining science and our technology of today to come up with this wonderful skin therapy that I have the luxury of trying out this week.  Here is some honesty for you all: I am getting older, getting wrinkles and most definitely do not drink enough water.  I have been applying the gel daily now for a week and I honestly think I am on track to healthier and dare I say younger skin.  This product is totally safe for people like me who suffer from sensitive skin; it is fragrance and dye free as well!  I am continuing my normal skin care routine; I have simply added Renu 28 to my plan of action after I cleanse my face.  Oh and you can use this product on other parts of your body/skin as well.  I am tackling eye wrinkles, skin texture, skin moisture and more every single time I apply the gel to my face.  I simply cannot wait to see what happens by the end of a month’s use! A tube of this miracle gel will run you around $40.00.  Please visit for more information.

Renu 28


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