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I may have found the secret to young skin.  Simy Skin has simply the best in anti-aging for the face and neck.  I have been using their products for a few weeks now and I am so thrilled!  The information I was reading about these products promised me that “100% of women see a reduction in fine lines in 4 weeks”.  I sort of laughed at this and figured I would humor the statement and give them a try for fun.  Boy was I wrong; the Triple Advanced Serum & Intensive Lift Serum (Phase 1: 25-45 years) are doing just that! I see fewer lines and I am in awe!  The instructions couldn’t be easier either: apply twice daily to face and neck.  And just like that you have a younger and brighter complexion!  These are hypoallergenic, paraben/sulfate free miracle cremes and I say you have to scoop them up right away! They also offer a “Phase two” product for ladies 45 and over packed with beta carotene and all the goodies for extra botox-like firmness.  These are the real deal and I believe worth every penny!  They also have lines of product for those under 25 (never too early to start) as well as skin care for the 65 and over group!  This is reversing your skin age and restoring the firmness of your face with each and every application and I have to say I am loving my results!  For more info check out

Great Mother’s Day gift idea for mommy’s young and old!

SimySkinAdvancedEssentialsSerum45+box SimySkinIntensiveUltraLiftSerum45+

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