Restoring Flexibility: Book Review

A great big thank you to author/certified yoga teacher Andrea Gilats, PhD,RYT for bringing us Restoring Flexibility: A Gentle Yoga-Based Practice to Increase Mobility at Any Age.  Even at close to 40, I feel stiffer each week.  Dare I say arthritis is coming?! Maybe here?!  This book is a wonderful display of how you can use yoga (even a beginner like me) to renew and restore your physical abilities.  I completely identify with Gilats in that prior to reading through this book I was always leery of anything like this as I was never good at sports.  Yoga is helping me realize that beliefs such as those just don’t matter.  I do not have to look away from the mat any longer and I feel confident of my abilities through yoga regardless of my conditions/weight/body type.  Basically the book takes you through a twice a week plan of 25 minute each yoga practices that feature awesome and easy to follow techniques that help with posture, flex, muscle relaxation etc.  The book clearly through words and pictures takes you through each “session” of moves (most taking minutes) and are at totally manageable ability levels.  TRUST ME: we can all do this.  I am half-way through the 4 week process this book outlines and quite honestly I am more and more flexible by the day.  I fully intent on continuing after the 4 weeks and I want to personally thank Andrea Gilats for instilling me with the power to participate in this wonderful practice.  The book is available on Amazon:

Restoring Flexibility


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