“Rev Up Your Summer with Reds: The Best Côtes du Rhône Wines for Warm Weather Sipping

summer reds
summer reds

As the days get longer and the temperatures climb, it’s only natural to automatically reach for a nice full glass of… red? While we may instinctively think white and rosé for summer, don’t discount reds when it gets warmer. Wine has been made in the Rhône Valley for at least two thousand years and is a winemaking hotspot for producing some truly exceptional reds that are perfect for summer sipping.

It is by no means necessary to put away all of the red wines for summer, but knowing which to bring to a barbecue or give a quick chill is vital. Look for wines with bright, ripe fruit, lighter tannins, and abundant acid to balance the heat and the umami that is inherent in grilling. The red blends of the Côtes du Rhône are made from an iconic blend of Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre, resulting in spicy, berry, and dark fruit flavors including cherry, plum, blood orange, dried herbs and spice. Whether you’re planning anything from a backyard barbecue to a party with friends and family. the red wines of the AOCs of the Côtes du Rhône deserve a spot on the menu.

This summer, make sure that reds have a place at your table and enjoy the lush fruit and incredible structure of the red wines from the Côtes du Rhône. These easy-drinking wines are a great paring for barbecue and burgers, or just putting in the fridge for a bit to get a bit of a chill and enjoy on the porch. The lovely acidity that is typical for these wines gives them versatility as a food pairing wine and ready for any occasion this summer sends your way.

Distinguished, harmonious, and balanced, the red wines of the Côtes du Rhône offer an authentic taste of French winemaking tradition. We have a wide variety from across the Côtes du Rhône and from a variety of producers that I would be happy to share with you if you are looking to inspire your readers this summer with exceptional culinary experiences and expertly crafted French wines.

LePlan-Vermeersch AOC Côtes du Rhône Villages Suze la Rousse Rouge SYRAH 2021

Ever wondered what happens when an ex-racing driver decides to slow down and make wine? You get the LePlan-Vermeersch Suze la Rousse 2021, a 50-50 blend of Mourvedre and Syrah. It’s like a turbocharged race car, but for your palate. Expect ripe, soft fruit flavors of violet blueberries shifting to plums, with a rich, smooth finish of roasted star anise. The sweet, ripe fruit on the palate leads to a silky smooth Syrah-driven flavor with the sturdy backbone of Mourvedre and a sandy, gritty tannin that gives this wine its character.

Domaine de l’Odylée AOC Côtes du Rhône Rouge La Talentueuse 2020

This one’s for the talent show, and Domaine de l’Odylée is ready to take home the gold. La Talentueuse 2020, hailing from the heart of the Southern Rhône, combines Grenache and Syrah in a way that screams sophistication and balance. Think lush fruit flavors wrapped in a bouquet of herbs and spices, perfect for pairing with anything from grilled veggies to a juicy steak. It’s the red you want when you need a showstopper without the ego.

Domaine Saint Damien AOC Côtes du Rhône Rouge LA BOUVEAU 2022

Introducing Domaine Saint Damien’s La Bouveau 2022, the red that’s as bold as it is balanced. This wine is like the cool kid at the barbecue who knows how to have a good time but keeps it classy. With its vibrant fruit profile and just the right amount of acidity, it’s perfect for those warm summer evenings when the grill is going and the conversation is flowing. Pair it with your favorite barbecue dish or chill it slightly to bring out its lively character.

So, whether you’re a die-hard red fan or just looking to mix things up this summer, the Côtes du Rhône reds are here to elevate your season. From backyard barbecues to porch sips, these wines are versatile enough to handle any summer scenario you throw their way. Get ready to savor the flavors of France with every sip.