Revealu Skincare – Fresh Face and Luxurious Glow Sets

image of Revealu Fresh Face Set and Luxurious Glow Set

Revealu Skincare makes hydrating gels infused with minerals. The products are compatible with all skin types and very light feeling. I tried the Fresh Face and Luxurious Glow sets.

A great benefit is that the gel moisturizers in these sets are alcohol-free, fragrance and dye-free, paraben-free, oil-free, cruelty-free, and vegan. I love this! This is one of the gentlest skincare products that I have tried.

My skincare routine began with the Revealu charcoal Cleanse Face and Body Gel. The cleanser contains 24k gold flakes and charcoal which work deep to clear out dirt and impurities from the skin. After applying the cleansing gel to my skin, I massaged it in circular motions. Following the five minutes, I  then washed it off and applied the Rejuve Face and Body Gel Moisturizer. The moisturizer didn’t feel greasy or oily. It feels good and doesn’t stink or feel sticky, like some gels I’ve tried before. It left my face feeling hydrated and refreshed.

In addition, for more of a glow, the Luxurious Glow set is ideal. The Glow Face and Body Gel gently exfoliates to leave your skin feeling brighter, softer, and more luminous. The Gold Face and Body Gel Moisturizer left my face feeling firmer, luminous and youthful. It also feels lightweight and natural.

The price for each set is $19.98 which is very affordable for a good skincare routine. It’s perfect for sensitive skin and didn’t make me break out. I also like that the ingredients are safe and non-toxic.  It works great in removing makeup as well. If you would like more information, check out the Revealu Skincare website.