Great Brainteaser Games for Holiday Giving


Check out below a couple of awesome brainteaser games from Project Genius for your gift-giving needs this holiday season. They are puzzles that provoke thought and will have your entire family positively involved in solving them!

Hypno-Twist ($8) – a fantastic fidget toy that is your perfect stocking stuffer option. Great hand-eye coordination option for anyone ages 6 and up. Oh, and it is perfect for traveling – think car trips for holiday events, airplane rides, airport delays, etc. All you need to do is twist the rainbow coils and you will see how much it will ease your mind. I think I may keep my sample at work on my desk to help me out with stress and anxiety.

Head Spin ($25): This is a wonderful family fidget spinner game. Ages 12 and up – my family of teens and I tried it out this past weekend. It is a two-player game but you can add more spinners (purchase them separately). The game has 200 challenge cards and offers continuous play (each game is about 20-30 minutes). The first player to show the correct answer on their fidget spinner wins the round. Love the mental challenge paired with keeping up with dexterity. Very cool idea.

Both of these were really nice to sample and we completely recommend them.