Revel Tune Smart Audio Glasses Review

My husband is now the proud owner of a pair of Revel Tune glasses from GlassesUSA. These look like regular glasses, and can even hold prescription lenses like progressive or bifocal lenses, but certainly are an upgrade from the standard! While you are wearing these Revel Tune glasses, you can listen to your music or even take calls without touching your phone!

image of male wearing Revel Tune Smart Audio Glasses

How They Work

With a single tap to the side of the frame, you can easily control all functions of the Revel Tune glasses. Start, pause, or stop music, change songs, modify the volume, accept or reject calls or even activate the voice assistant. These actions are all easily handled by touching the controls hidden in the side of your frame. The audio glasses are very user-friendly. They come with a clear little manual that explains it all and is foolproof.

Your glasses pair with your phone through Bluetooth, so you do need to keep your phone close. The Revel Tune audio glasses have a long-lasting battery life of three hours, and you can charge them on any USB port, so even in the car or at work!

Since the Revel Tune smart audio glasses feature open ear sound with noise reduction, you can safely wear them outdoors. You will hear your music perfectly while still being aware of what is happening around you. But don’t let the open ear design fool you! You will be able to listen to your music without being a nuisance to the people around you, which is perfect for us city dwellers!


Get prescription glasses, with smart audio function, at very acceptable prices! You can get your pair for only $99 straight from the website of GlassesUSA! GlassesUSA offers free shipping and returns to the USA and Canada with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Prescription Scanner

And for those of you who do not remember your prescription, and haven’t been checked in forever, GlassesUSA has a Prescription Scanner app that allows consumers to extract the optical parameters off their current glasses! This information is automatically populated on the website making it easier than ever to purchase prescription eyewear online.

So, you can just scan the current glasses of your wife/husband/friend without asking them their prescription and thus spoiling the surprise when you gift them a pair of glasses from GlassesUSA! Be ready for Christmas, and scan those glasses now already!

I can tell you that my husband absolutely adores his Revel Tune smart audio glasses!