PowerUp Paper Airplanes – get your kids to play outside

When we were young, my siblings and I used to fold paper airplanes, climb on the garden wall and see who could get it the furthest. Extra bonus points for who could add in a loop or wobble! You would think that paper airplanes are a thing of the past, but I can assure you that my husband and son are still very much into it! Of course, nowadays, we control our paper airplanes with our phones! Phones you said??! Yes indeed! PowerUp Toys has an amazing line of paper airplanes you can all control through Bluetooth on your phone!

image of PowerUp Paper Airplanes packaged products

We are still on the basic level : POWERUP 4.0 RC Paper Plane. But they even have some awesome foam planes that look so cool! I am looking forward to Christmas next year, when we can give our son the next-level plane! Our 4-year-old can fold the plane himself and only needs a bit of help to stick the little remote-controlled engine on the final product.

Power Up Paper Airplane 2

He loves testing out new folds and is convinced that blue paper makes them go faster. (Why not heh?)

Power Up Paper Airplane 3

You do need a quite large open terrain to fly these babies, like a football field or soccer field. And wind and rain are not your friends since they are made out of paper. When you go fly your plane, bring some sheets of paper with you. If your plane gets damaged or wet, you can quickly fold a new one and you are good to go! Unlimited planes for next to no cost!

PowerUp has some awesome accessories like lights to add to your paper airplanes for a Night Flight, and a big book. The book gives you a lot of new designs and does a good job of explaining the science behind it all.