Review: 1 Thrive Wall Organizers

What does this girl do in the dead of winter? She organizes her house! Time to toss things we don’t use or need and clean up all the clutter!

Receiving a wall organizer from 1 Thrive came at the perfect time.  I was so thrilled to receive one and get it up on my home office wall today. This is organization very SIMPLE.  All you do is easily install the bracket and then put up the pieces which are all interchangeable.  It is super stylish, very chic and stores everything you need to store in your office.  I have all my family schedules, paperwork, assignments and weekly planned activities all in one nice location.  The best part is you literally customize this to fit your particular needs.  Are you a calendar girl? No problem.  Do you need more of a blank board to take notes? You can do that.  Need a cork board? You got it.  The list goes on and on.

I received their Harper which costs $199.  I cannot say enough good things about it.  White background, gold decorative add-ons.  It just looks awesome on my wall.  It came with two non toxic chalk markers but you can get others in their convenient bundle.  They also offer other styles in all shapes and sizes to fit whatever wall location or idea you may have.

Check them out!